Engine Oil Flush Services

Engines are prone to attracting deposits, tarnish and sludge, which build up over time and can cause many issues with car performance.  One such issue is sticking valves or rocker arms, which can prevent lubricating oil from reaching all parts of the engine causing significant decreases in performance.

Additionally, severe temperature differences can cause damage to gaskets and seals, leading to oil leaks – and consequently low fluid levels.  Needless to say, keeping your vehicle’s oil in good condition is absolutely vital to a great driving experience – and avoiding costly repairs.

At Mobil 1 Lube Express Fort St John, we can help maintain the health of you vehicle with our engine oil flush.  The process is simple.  We add our engine flush to your old oil, and then allow the engine to run.  This dissolves all the built up contaminants.  When that’s completed, we drain everything.

We then implement our full service oil change – including changing your vehicle’s oil filter and refilling your engine with fresh oil  If your vehicle engine isn’t performing with the level of performance and efficiency you’d like, it’s time to undertake an engine oil flush.

  • Remove heavy build up of engine sludge and deposits
  • Restore engine efficiency and reduce engine friction

At Mobil 1 Lube Express, we recommend an engine flush once a year to maintain optimal performance.